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Set a URL for ChangePassword section in OIM

user623295user623295 Posts: 3 Blue Ribbon


In an OAM-OIM integrated setup, how can "Forgot Password", "Change Password" OIM OOTB features be redirected to a custom password management application(link)?

Currently, Change password section asks user to enter old password, new password, confirm new password. Can this be replaced by a link where user can be redirected instead?

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  • Sandeep Kumar skSandeep Kumar sk Posts: 487 Bronze Badge
  • user623295user623295 Posts: 3 Blue Ribbon

    Thank you for responding!

    Not sure that would help - but requirement is in attached picture.

    Any comments would be helpful!

  • Srinath Menon-OracleSrinath Menon-Oracle Posts: 6,258 Employee

    This feature is currently available for OIM where the password reset operation is sent out as a link for the end user.

  • user623295user623295 Posts: 3 Blue Ribbon

    Thank You For Responding!

    So, you mean we don't have this feature where we can replace "Forgot Password" and "Change Password" with some URLs instead in OIM-OAM 11g Versions?

    Also, I saw an option where OAAM is involved. We can turn on the system property in OIM "OIM.DisableChallengeQuestions " to True and then Change Password/Forgot Password would lead to OAAM URLs.

    Possibly we can setup external password management URL in OAAM config somewhere to route.

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