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Can we determine whether the Request JSON is reaching the Determination Server or not?

We have developed a Project and exposed it to external applications using REST API. When the external application is calling us then they are getting an error is the response. We need to determine whether the request is reaching our server or not? I Know Message Log is the place where we can find the any error related to the Call.

Is there any other way?



  • Richard Napier
    Richard Napier Member Posts: 208 Silver Badge

    Hi Sourabh

    Happy New Year! Well, let's think about this. If the external application is making the call to Intelligent Advisor REST API, then I would use one or more of the following

    1) Soap UI or Postman to make the REST Call to your project, to make sure that the call actually does get through - a basic unit test if you like. I can see in the Soap UI / Postman Console the HTTP response code, the request and response and any headers and so forth. This is where I would start, to make sure that a well-constructed request gets a good response. If you like old school solutions, Fiddler can help you trace the calls you make and the server response.

    2) You don't mention the external application - but I assume it has logging capabilities? If this was Siebel for example, I would raise the Event Logging on the EAI Object Manager because that is where I can see the inbound calls. If it is a custom application, Java or whatever, then you have standard logging of the inbound message, Log4j or whatever.

    So you really only have two places you can test : from your PC to the application - using the standard tools I mention, and secondly on the external application which has it's own logging tools depending on what it is.

    What is the external application?

  • Sourabh Kshitiz
    Sourabh Kshitiz Member Posts: 43 Red Ribbon
    edited January 13

    Hi Richard,

    Happy New Year! Thanks for the suggestions.

    The external application that I am talking about here is WSO2. They have a logging capabilities at their end. They are getting the Bad Request error from Server as I have highlighted in the link below

    Through Postman when I am Unit Testing the request which is using REST API to call us ,we are getting expected response and the call is fine. The problem is happening when WSO2 is calling us the second time as even for them first time it is working fine.

    I guess if the request would have been reaching our determination server through their call, and if had been failing at our end then we would expect something to be populated at the Message log level, which isn't happening in this case.

  • Richard Napier
    Richard Napier Member Posts: 208 Silver Badge

    WSO2 uses Log4j2 so you should be able to get a bit more visibility. See my comment on the other post you reference.

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