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Get Member from Header

Hello Everyone

so we need to extract the member from the header of the CSV file (looks something like this:


1101000;[ICP None];[None];3000;[None];4000;100

I have in Import Format in Amount the script:

def Get_APAC_Entity(strfield, strrecord):


 if strrecord[0:2] == '!E':

 global APAC_Entity

 APAC_Entity = strrecord[8:11]

 fdmAPI.logDebug('APAC '+ APAC_Entity)

 return strfield


And in Entity:

def Set_Entity(strfield, strrecord):

 return APAC_Entity

But I never manage to set the Entity to this value. As the Get_APAC_Entity does not get executed. Its like it just jumps over it. Im pretty sure that it was possible to do, but Im not 100% sure

Am I missing something? Is there a workaround?

Thank you in advance!


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