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Fresh Install OL8 Will Not Boot

User_MGENQ Member Posts: 1

I downloaded both:



I verified the gpg signatures and the checksums successfully.

I used dd to burn each to a separate USB key. On a laptop, the boot iso works fine, but of course, there are no packages so the install can't proceed. Same laptop, the full DVD iso will not boot, either in UEFI or CSM mode. It acts as if there is no boot device.

On a separate, brand new workstation build, the full DVD iso does boot and installation completes, however, the installed drive becomes unbootable (BIOS does not see the drive as bootable at all).

To compare, I installed Fedora which went normally.

I can't imagine this is a problem with the UEK (which is one of the reasons I am thrilled to start using Oracle Linux!), but I'm at a loss. Switching between CSM and UEFI don't seem to make a difference.



  • Avi Miller-Oracle
    Avi Miller-Oracle Senior Solution Architect, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer Adoption Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 4,728 Employee

    If the Boot ISO works, I suggest using that with as the package source. I'm hoping that future releases will configure this automatically, but for now you need to add the package sources manually.




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