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reassociateSecurityStore Command - Go Back to Original Security Store?

We are looking to move our OBIEE RCU schemas to a new server/database.

We found the following article from Oracle

OBIEE 12c: How To Change Your OBIEE Connections When You Have Moved Your RCU Database To A New Host (Doc ID 2177562.1)

I was browsing through the article to get a feel for what needs to be done, and I had a question about the two scripts listed in this article, or more specifically the reassociateSecurityStore.

So in the first half of the article it lists out a number of steps to execute and then finally to run the reassociateSecurityStore command.

I was doing some reading, and basically we were going to install a brand new blank RCU schema.

When executing this command it sounds like it will take all the data from the original RCU schemas, and a number of other items and then basically point it and insert it into the new target RCU schema database. The article lists out these options to run the command

- domain: this is your domain name. You can get it from the directory name under user_projects

- servertype: use this value: DB_ORACLE

- datasourcename: JNDI name you get in previous step

- jpsroot: use this value: cn=jpsRoot

- jdbcurl: use this format: jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521/PDBORCLNEW

- jdbcdriver: use this driver: oracle.jdbc.OracleDS for and lower versions. Use jdbcdriver=oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver for and higher versions.

- dbUser: the database <prefix_OPSS user in the new database. Example: BIEE_OPSS

- dbPassword: <prefix>_OPSS user password

Which leads to this


I was wondering if worse case scenario after running the reassociateSecurityStore command - Can we possibly re-run this command and go BACK to our original RCU schemas?

If we were to "go back" to the original RCU schema - What will happen to the data in the old RCU schemas?

Will the data from the "new" RCU schema get appended/added to the "old" RCU schema data?

Will it get over written?

The rest of the document I can see we are modifying files, so I think if we need to roll back any changes we can just save the original files.

Im just concerned if we need to roll back our changes after running the reassociateSecurityStore command, how can we go back?

Any help or insight much appreciated

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