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PGQL in java stored procedures?

user8632123 Member Posts: 117 Blue Ribbon

Hi everyone,

we have a 20.4 property graph on a 19.9 Oracle database and would like to run PGQL directly against the database. Unfortunately that is possible only from java, and the required* classes are not present in the database. So, for calling PGQL over a java stored procedure I would have to load all these classes (and actually a whole series of jar files would be required). Has anyone tried that?

Yours, user8632123.

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  • Ryota-Oracle
    Ryota-Oracle Posts: 81 Employee

    We have tried it (= loading Graph Client into DB) before, and found that it doesn't work because of the complex dependency. Please give us your feedback if/how it is useful for your projects. Thank you!

  • user8632123
    user8632123 Member Posts: 117 Blue Ribbon

    Hi Ryota,

    indeed I was intimidated by the number of libraries that would have to be loaded into the database. Our use case is to display property graphs in Apex (using vis.js), or subgraphs defined by PGQL, or maintain such graphs and their properties by PGQL. My question is not mission critical, because we have a workaround: make a callout to a tomcat server containing an auxiliary app. Of course our architecture would be simpler if this roundabout way could be replaced by code residing completely in the database. Well, maybe in the future?

    Thanks for your reply,



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