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Forms URL in the OIA Batch assess service


I am using OIA without Interview, via accessing the OIA with only Batch assess service (REST).

In this policy model, I have also designed/created one BI form, which generates a document of all the inputs and goal attributes.

Can I get the URL of this document (.pdf file) in my JSON response so that different platform using this BATCH service can be able to show this URL to download this document created by OIA?

Best Regards,



  • Richard Napier
    Richard Napier Member Posts: 180 Silver Badge

    Hi Vidya

    The Batch REST assess service does not have, as far as I know, currently any capability to either give you the URL of a Form in your project. Plus, even if it could give you the URL, the Forms URL is a web-determination URL so that the session would open, and the PDF would not have any data in it - the PDF is is not stored anywhere with data in it, rather it is generated "on the fly" during an Interview session.

    REST assess can give you the decision report however, and that often meets some of the tracking needs since it shows explanation of reasoning and data used to reach goals.

    Hope that helps

  • Vidya Jade
    Vidya Jade Member Posts: 12 Green Ribbon

    Thanks for the detailed description.

    Looking forward to find out if there's any other way to get the BI form from OIA except Interview service? Even when we are accessing the policy model via the Chat service channel, there also we are not able to get the URL of the BI form.

    Please suggest.

  • Richard Napier
    Richard Napier Member Posts: 180 Silver Badge
    edited February 17


    As far as services that can provide you with a form as output (in this case SOAP XML as a typical base64 encoded form ) the first one to look at would be the answer service. It is well known of course and may not correspond to your use case but that would be a good place to start.


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