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Oracle Linux 8 EPEL and Errata - only... one?

User_RS49E Member Posts: 3 Red Ribbon

So like a ton of folks here, I'm posisbly migrating to Oracle Linux 8 coming from CentOS. Thus far, things look promising.

I have a katello/foreman server, and use that heavily to set up repositories/deployment and patching etc.

So far so good. And I do expect differences in things, for example the number of available packages and errata etc.

I appear to be getting all of the Errata for the base and updates for Oracle Linux 8 itself, but the Oracle EPEL 8 setup is.... worrying me. I see 3,208 packages and... one. ONE errata. This behavior is the same whether I use a local reposync (preferred), or if I try pointing Foreman/Katello directly to Oracle's public yum repo.

Can anyone shed light on what's happening here? Knowing what updates are there and WHY is quite critical.

Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide!


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