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Migrating from CentOS 7 to OL7: Software Collections ?

Microlinux Member Posts: 25 Green Ribbon


I'm currently migrating my servers running CentOS 7 to OL7.

I'm having a little trouble with the Software Collections. On most of my servers, recent versions of PHP are provided by the SCLO repositories. For instance, PHP 7.3 comes in the form of a series of packages prefixed rh-php73-* and sclo-php73-*. The repositories are available in RPM form.

$ rpm -qa | grep release-scl



Currently I have a bit more than 100 PHP 7.3 related packages.

$ yum search php73 | wc -l


I just setup a test server running OL7, with the Oracle Software Collections repository.

I can find a bunch of PHP 7.3 related packages which seem to follow the same naming scheme so far. Unfortunately there's only about half of what CentOS has to offer:

$ yum search php73 | wc -l


Some stuff which I need for setting up my applications seems to be missing. For example, the sclo-php73-php-pecl-imagick package needed by Roundcube is there in CentOS, but missing in Oracle Linux.

I have a vague idea for a solution. Tell me if this is wrong.

  • Install Yum Priorities
  • Setup official repositories with a priority of 1
  • Setup Oracle Software collections with a priority of 1
  • Setup Red Hat / CentOS Software collections with a priority of 10

Any suggestions ?

Besides this problem that bugs me, I want to say I'm very happy with Oracle Linux so far.

Cheers from the sunny South of France,


Best Answer


  • andreas.dijkman
    andreas.dijkman Member Posts: 48 Bronze Badge
    edited January 20

    You could use software collections on OL7 too: http://yum.oracle.com/repo/OracleLinux/OL7/SoftwareCollections/x86_64/index.html

    But also use rebuilt php 7.3 or php 7.4: http://yum.oracle.com/oracle-linux-php.html

    We are using the php 7.4 from the OL7-repositories. Only catch with this one (at the moment I think) is that the php-7.4-packages are having a dependency on package oniguruma 5.9. Upstream EPEL has been upgraded to oniguruma 6.8 but that version is not yet available in the EPEL7-tree of Oracle. So you may have to downgrade that one when using php 7.4 from Oracle.

  • Microlinux
    Microlinux Member Posts: 25 Green Ribbon

    Some stuff I'm running on CentOS is closely related to the CentOS Software Collections. In my initial post I already stated that I am indeed using the Oracle Software Collections. The more so since some stuff (for example Icinga Web 2) depends on it.

    If I can restate my question more simply : when using the Oracle Software Collections, what is the best way to get the handful of packages that are not provided by this repository but can be found in the CentOS Software Collections for example?

    Maybe just make a list and ask for them to be included officially?

  • Microlinux
    Microlinux Member Posts: 25 Green Ribbon

    I just replaced Oracle Software Collections by CentOS Software collections, and everything works perfectly.

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