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Spare Ultra 30 boot problem


I have a boot problem with my Spare Ultra 30 workstation. I've connected via serial a terminal to see the post errors. Any ideas where the error is coming from?

Hardware Power O��Button Power ON
SCUPP detected
Configuring SCUP for 84.0-100.0 Mhz
Blackbird >V1.0

@(#) Sun Ultra 30 UPA/PCI  3.9 Version 5 created 1997/04/11 10:03
Probing keyboard Done
%o0 = 0000.0000.0057.4001

Executing Power On SelfTest

@(#) Sun Ultra 30 UPA/PCI POST 1.1.1 03/04/97

Ecache Size: -6816KB
CPU: UltraSPARC 2 (MHz: 296 MID: 0 Ecache Size: 2048KB)
Init System BSS
        Unexpected event occurred - Trap
        tl  tt  tstate             tpc                tnpc
        01  34  00000044.80001404  ffffffff.f0088910  ffffffff.f0088238
        DMMU SFSR 00000000.0015007b
        DMMU SFAR ffffffff.f00e03f2
        (FV)  Fault Valid Bit Set
        (OW)  Overwrite Bit Set
        (ASI) 0x15
        (E)   Side effect Bit Set
        (CT)  Context 3
        (PR)  Privilege Bit Set
        AFSR 00000001.fffefffd
        AFAR 0000012d.8cf6d630
        (ME)   Multiple Errors
        (PRIV) Privileged Code
        (ISAP) Address Parity Error
        (ETP)  Ecache Tag Parity Error, (ETS) Syndrome = e
        (IVUE) UE on Interrupt Data Packet
        (TO)   Time Out Error
        (BERR) Bus Error
        (LDP)  Parity Error from SDB
        (CP)   Copy out Parity Error
        (WP)   Ecache Parity Error on Writeback
        (EDP)  Ecache Parity Error
        (UE)   Uncorrectable ECC Error
        (CE)   Correctable ECC Error
        (P_SYND) Ecache Parity Syndrome = fffd
        SDBH = 00000000.00000000 SDBL = 00000000.000001f�
@(#) Sun Ultra 30 UPA/PCI POST 1.1.1 03/04/97


  • Nik
    Nik Blocked Member Posts: 2,879 Bronze Crown


    Is it whole log or only part ?

    Do you change some thing for this system ?

    How many DIMMS installed ?

    ( Are You realy require repare this system ? It's very old computer. 24 years ago...)

    It's look like CPU module problem or memory problem.



  • Robbo007
    Robbo007 Member Posts: 2 Red Ribbon

    Someone has confirmed that it's the cache on the CPU which is bad. I've sourced a new CPU and will swap it out and hope it resolves the problem. I'll let you know.