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Time estimate for Cluster upgrade?

Sean R. Aaron
Sean R. Aaron Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon
edited Jan 26, 2021 4:22PM in Clustering

I have an OSC 4.3 environment running under Solaris 11.2 and want to get it upgraded to Solaris 11.4 and OSC 4.4.

From previous research I believe that because it's two Solaris releases I need to upgrade Solaris to 11.3 via the conventional "pkg update" command, but then I'll need to shutdown the resource group and run "scinstall -u update" to upgrade the OS and OSC packages.

Obviously if I'm mistaken do correct me on the above, but I'm mainly looking to find out how long that scinstall update command is likely to run for since this is a total outage and management is asking for a time estimate. I could guess 3hrs since that's how long it seems to take to patch a non-OSC LDOMs when I'm a couple years out on SRUs, but I'd love to hear from someone if you've done this and can recall how long it took.