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Invalid Param Error - PDF form import

I am encountering the following error when importing pre-existing pdf forms which have field entry enabled via acrobat (so fillable boxes in the form) pre-OIA import:

The error occurs for every pdf form imported into this particular project, including those which only are a pdf document with an image file (so pdfs without text content too).

OIA version 20C release (cannot confirm if this issue would have occurred earlier, that's just this current project)

It is only on this particular rulebase. There are compounding issues (interview.xint changes are not deploying - example: Change a label which isn't impacted, deploy - no change. I discovered this is because the pdf file was referenced on a screen control. Once removed, the changes took. Recreated this on two different environments and confirmed. It's not tracking the change even when doing something as simple as copying the file locally - the old version persists even when displayed quite differently on the screen in front of your face, haha). I may get into that second issue in follow on comments, but right now I'm just asking if this pdf issue is one which anyone on the forum is aware of? I've already checked the security, permissions, etc. of the pdf itself - all are disabled. Anyone seen or have any thoughts?

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