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Numbering Instances on an Entity Collect screen

Some of our users use entity collect screens to enter 20 or more instances which can start to make the screen difficult to use as there is too much information collected per instance to use the tabular form.

Is there any way to number the instances created (e.g. Instance No1., Instance No.2 etc.)? This might make it easier for our users to understand where they are on a long screen.

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  • Matt_J
    Matt_J Member Posts: 11 Red Ribbon

    Thanks Richard. We do have a JS function available to sort tabular columns (as well as copying rows - not seen in the example below)

    Thanks for showing how to number entity instances - that's something we will look at for those entity collect pages which have too many items to fit on one row.

  • Richard Napier
    Richard Napier Member Posts: 208 Silver Badge

    Happy to have been of assistance!

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