offeed@ed-Gazelle-00:~$ ssh root@vbol83-01 Warning: the ECDSA host key for 'vbol83-01' nding ssh key — oracle-tech

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[email protected]:~$ ssh [email protected] Warning: the ECDSA host key for 'vbol83-01' nding ssh key

EdStevens Member Posts: 27,872 Gold Crown

Fresh install of OL r8u3 under vbox. Installation went fine other than needing to touch up a few network items - seems that the configuration of one of the NICS (a bridged adapter to Vbox) during the installation didn't "take" and I had to use nmcli to get them corrected. Be that as it may . . .

Now that it is up and ifconfig shows the adapters as I expect/want, I try to ssh from the host system, and get this:

[email protected]:~$ ssh [email protected]
Warning: the ECDSA host key for 'vbol83-01' differs from the key for the IP address ''
Offending key for IP in /home/ed/.ssh/known_hosts:8
Matching host key in /home/ed/.ssh/known_hosts:9
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
[email protected]'s password: 
Activate the web console with: systemctl enable --now cockpit.socket

Last login: Wed Feb 3 09:51:19 2021
[[email protected] ~]# 

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  • EdStevens
    EdStevens Member Posts: 27,872 Gold Crown

    When I first got this error I looked at known_hosts, and it appeared to be a binary file, so wasn't sure how to 'delete line 8'. I guess due to all the long encrypted keys. I had a vague memory of dealing with the known_hosts file many, many years ago, and thought I remembered there being a utility to remove the offending entry, but could find nothing on that All this was before posting my question. So I opened it again with vi and set numbering on to identify the individual lines. Deleted line 8 and that fixed the issue.

  • Nik
    Nik Member Posts: 2,725 Bronze Crown


    More correct way:

     ssh-keygen -R <hostname>

    But I always forget this command.

    Ssh show which line at which file is wrong, so it's more easy for me - just remove this line :).



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