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What determines whether data is logged to IA Hub Analytics?

Hello all,

When users access deployments directly through a url to the hub, the analytics are available.

When we surface IA forms within a landing page (not the Customer Portal) including the customer's own identity solution, the analytics are not available. Therefore we can't see number of sessions, screen usage etc, which would be very helpful.

What determines whether analytic data is logged to the IA hub?

Thansk, Jonathan


  • Jonathan Watson
    Jonathan Watson Member Posts: 8 Green Ribbon

    To expand on this a little, I can see that IA sessions accessed through the Service Cloud Customer Portal are logged to hub analytics.

    But, as mentioned in my original post, when IA is surfaced on a different landing page (not the Customer Portal) then analytics are not available.

    This means that we can't even get the number of sessions from the IA hub. Is session usage available from the configuration assistant?

  • Richard Napier
    Richard Napier Member Posts: 180 Silver Badge
    edited April 19

    Hi Jonathan

    I've been working with a different embedded scenario and come across something that might be of interest. Some telemetry / performance statistics may originate from the acs.js and other tracking scripts loaded from (which you will probably see in your sources) :

    Is this set of files loading properly /are they blocked from doing their job? Are any other scripts failing to load in the situation you mention that you can see in the Network tab of the browser?

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