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Returning bulk collect into (temporary) table

User_AW6FU Member Posts: 5 Green Ribbon

I really like the feature "Returning bulk collect into" during dlm statement, when doing 2 things in one step:

Dml statement itself

Store values from the table that are going to be processed in further steps

Nevertheless, imagine that I am going to delete milions of rows and what is an impact on PGA.

So, (temporary) table comes into my mind - store changed values into (temporary) table instead of collection.

delete from t1
  where <....>
  returning obj_t_del(col1, col2, ...) 
   bulk collect into <(temporary) table> ;

That would be greatfull! Working with table (compute statistics, indexing etc) is much better and different than working with collection - select ... from table(collection_as_table_of);


Dusan Valasek

ulohmannNiels HeckerUser_AW6FU
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