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Migration of EPMA HFM application to 11.2

User_RUHNJ Member Posts: 51 Blue Ribbon
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Hi All,

Since EPMA is not available anymore I was trying to make use of DRM to manage metadata in our HFM 11.2 app.

We are in process of migrating from to 11.2. following steps from Doc ID 2626317.1 .

Back in system we had HFM EPMA application.

I exported the metadata file using EPMA generator from, modified it manually and successfully imported it into DRM ( 11.2 environment). 

Made minor changes in the dimension hierarchy and exported it in "Hierarchy - XML" format. Now I am trying to load the exported metadata file into HFM 11.2. I get below error

"The file being loaded was saved under an older schema.

The load file format is not recognizable"

I am not sure if I am missing any of the steps. Has anyone migrated from EPMA to 11.2 classic. If yes then what was the approach followed?



  • Ankur Shrivastava
    Ankur Shrivastava Member Posts: 19 Red Ribbon

    You may need to export the dimension file in .app format as all the changes you made to dimension hierarchy would sometimes lose the information in XML format. Export and import in .app format and check.

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