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question on lvcreate

EdStevens Member Posts: 27,872 Gold Crown

OL 8.3 , a vm under VBox

After initial creation of the vm and installtion of OL 8.3, I added a second 'disk', and wish to create a lvol on it.

The disk was sized at 12g. I got the disk partitioned (one single partition) and created a vgroup with it, yielding this:

[email protected] ~]# vgdisplay vg_u01
 --- Volume group ---
 VG Name              vg_u01
 System ID            
 Format               lvm2
 Metadata Areas       1
 Metadata Sequence No 1
 VG Access            read/write
 VG Status            resizable
 MAX LV               0
 Cur LV               0
 Open LV              0
 Max PV               0
 Cur PV               1
 Act PV               1
 VG Size              <12.00 GiB
 PE Size              4.00 MiB
 Total PE             3071
 Alloc PE / Size      0 / 0  
 Free PE / Size      3071 / <12.00 GiB
 VG UUID              c93T67-gZXF-CMSW-1b7u-3ZBt-x3P3-F9dIGP

Now, when I try to create the lvol, I get this:

[[email protected] ~]# lvcreate --size 12G vg_u01
 Volume group "vg_u01" has insufficient free space (3071 extents): 3072 required.

So what should I be applying for the size? How does the math work out on this?

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  • EdStevens
    EdStevens Member Posts: 27,872 Gold Crown

    Got it. Thanks again.

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