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rman backups encryption password

User_4AA0D Member Posts: 74 Red Ribbon
edited February 8 in Enterprise Manager

We are running oracle 18c and CC 13c. We don't need TDE encryption for any internal data items and only use it for RMAN backups. We want to run backups in OEM and encrypt them using a password and not a TDE wallet. I see how I can add the password when I create the job in OEM by going to the Database in OEM and then to Availability then Backup & Recovery and Schedule Backup. Then I notice that when I see the rman script it creates it shows

set encryption on for all tablespaces algorithm 'AES256' identified by '%PASSWORD' only;

That all works just fine. What happens if I want to schedule 'Restore Database Validate' in an RMAN script in OEM to verify the backup works? I would like to not have to put the password in cleartext in an RMAN job in OEM Library. Can I put in an RMAN job like this?

set decryption identified by '%PASSWORD'

Restore Database Validate

Is there a better way to validate those backup files are all fine via OEM if a password is used for encryption instead of the TDE wallet.


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