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Strange bug within UEK6 and bonding of 2 Broadcom Networkcards

PaulSG Member Posts: 7 Green Ribbon

Hello there,

I am new in this community and i am not sure, if this is the right place to ask my question, but I try:

We are using OLVM with Oracle Linux 7.9 UEK6 on Dell Servers with two Broadcom 57412 10GB/s cards.

In the beginning, everything went well. To secure our availability, we wanted to bond the two networkcards. It turns out, that is not possible with UEK6. If we bond the two ports on the same card, everything works fine. But it fails, if we bond the two ports of different cards.

We have a workaround with installing Oracle Linux 7.8 with UEK5. Here it is working fine. After updating it, we have OL7.9 but without Kernel Upgrade, so still using UEK5. That is working perfectly fine.

This issue sounds exactly like this issue in RedHat Enterprise Linux:

The same problem is reported in another environment (proxmox):

Does anybody know, how to address this issue to the right people? We do not have OLVM support, but it is more a bug report, than a support case, so I think, it makes no sense to purchase support for this problem?

Many thanks for some help or guideance,


Best Answer

  • Todd Vierling-Oracle
    Todd Vierling-Oracle Member Posts: 33 Employee
    Accepted Answer

    We are queueing the fix up for a future UEK6 5.4.17-2036.* build (and in fact that change is already in queue for the next UEK6 branch, aka UEK6 U2). Be on the lookout for this entry in a new UEK6 RPM changelog:

    net: Fix bridge enslavement failure

    Thank you for the report!