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How to update a field of Worker details in Assignment using HDL in HCM?

User_MHGI9 Member Posts: 4 Green Ribbon


Can anyone tell how to update Worker details in Assignment Metadata using HDL?

I tried creating a worker dat file to update the field in Assignment Metadata. BUt getting the following error

I provided Source system owner, source system id, personid, period of service id

But the personId and Period of service Id reference of parent record not found. What are the foreign key attributes to be provided and where to get that data ?

Please find the attached zip file of Assignment Update. Please look into dat file let me know if it is possible to update a field in the Assignment using this HDL or is there any other way to update details of worker in bulk.

Thanks in Advance.


  • User_19C8A
    User_19C8A Member Posts: 7 Green Ribbon


    To update/correct any column/value in assignment(s), prepare a HDL which include both Assignment and Workterms row in it. Make sure the surrogate/source keys under both of the METADATA header have a logical connection like WorkTermsAssignmenId in Assignment should be same as AssignmentId in Workterms row.