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Error launching Fusion Middleware Composer (

Aminu Member Posts: 13 Blue Ribbon
edited February 19 in WebLogic


I have a 2-node Weblogic Server cluster installed on Solaris SPARC 11.3 (64-bit). I intend to patch the 2-node cluster with opatchauto so as a requirement I have to generate a Topology File using Fusion Middleware Composer. However, I get the error below when I try to launch FMW-Composer using instructions in weblogic documentation:

[email protected]:/u01/fmw/oracle_common/bin$ echo $JAVA_HOME


[email protected]:/u01/fmw/oracle_common/bin$ ./

Error: Could not find or load main class

FMW-COMPOSER exited with code: 1.

Question 1: Is there something I am missing? I have also tried running FMW-Composer on another standalone weblogic installation of the same version and I get the same error. Please note that I have properly set and tested DISPLAY environment variable and I am able to launch GUI programs like xclock. I need some assistance to get this utility running.

Question 2: Can I alternatively just use opatch (instead of using opatchauto, which needs the topology file) to patch each node separately?

Thank you

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