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archivelogs not becoming reclaimable after switchover

PS_orclNerd Member Posts: 384 Bronze Badge


I have never thought this could (not) work, but the reality showed something else.

When we setup dataguard, have a catalog, also a configured archivelog deletion policy, all the best practices, we have to manually remove archivelogs after the switchover, because they do not get reclaimable.

On the new standby we have to use queries to find and delete these forgotten archivelogs. I would expect it to be already automatic and not doing it manually.

select 'delete force noprompt archivelog until sequence '||seq||' thread '||thread#||';' stmt

from (

 select max(sequence#) seq,thread#

 from v$archived_log

 where not name is null

  and standby_dest='NO'


  and not registrar='RFS'

 group by thread#


Do you think it would make sense to fix it in 19.14 RU? 😅

PS_orclNerdRostislav Kushnirenko
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