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ARUN-A Member Posts: 329 Blue Ribbon

Hi Experts ,

We have gg setup between oracle to oracle with unidirectional setup , currently that setup are configured only for dml replication so we planning to enable ddl replciaiton now . to enable the ddl replciation the related database scripts , marke_setupr.sql,ddl_setup , role_setup, ddl_enable , will be executed in source database .

Can you please confirm these scripts can be taken from OGG_HOME directory and exec from different server ? or this must be connected the db from OGG_HOME and executed ? We are using intermediate server so would like to execute the scripts from database server once copied ?

Please advise .




    ORASCN Member Posts: 1,868 Bronze Crown


    Intermediate server means? Are you connecting remotely and replicating? Remote Capture and Remote Apply?

    The server where the GG is running should have either Oracle Client installed or Oracle Database.

    1. From GG Home, (navigate to the gg home directory) .
    2. Go to sqlplus prompt
    3. Connect to the database where you need to enable DDL replication
    4. Run the scripts



  • ARUN-A
    ARUN-A Member Posts: 329 Blue Ribbon

    Hi Veera ,

    Thank you for the steps . Yes its remote capture and remote apply . Database is running on different server .

    Can we copy that scripts to database server and run ? is that possible ? Ot It mush be run from GG server ? Due to some other concern like dba dont want to connect the db with sysdba privs from other machine . So please let us know , is that .sql files can be copied and exec from database server ?


    Arun .

  • Gururaj0-Oracle
    Gururaj0-Oracle Member Posts: 78 Employee

    FYI, May be your DB is an old version ?

    When to Use Trigger-based DDL Capture

    You must use trigger-based DDL capture when Extract will operate in the following configurations:

    • Extract operates in classic capture mode against any version of Oracle database.
    • Extract operates in integrated mode against an Oracle database version or earlier.

    If Extract will run in integrated mode against a version or later Oracle database, the DDL trigger is not required. By default, DDL capture is handled transparently through the database logmining server.



    ORASCN Member Posts: 1,868 Bronze Crown

    Hi Arun,

    Just an idea. Install OGG in the DB server and run the DDL scripts. So, you don't need to create any processes in there. Just the Binaries. The scripts are all the same across binaries.

    Once you are done. You can remove the Binaries from the DB server. This should work.