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Replication privs

AATP Member Posts: 324 Blue Ribbon
edited Mar 1, 2021 8:54AM in GoldenGate

Hi Experts ,

We have replication setup between oracle databases , As part of new requirements we are setting up gg with additional DDL replication .

For replication purpose we are using separate user as ggadmin, Now we need to enable the replication only the truncate operation , For that we have added gettruncates in both source and target configurations . extracts has captured the truncate and when trying to replicate in to target , its failing with insufficient privilege since ggadmin user doesnt have the truncate permission of other user which owned that table . can you please advise how can we grant the truncate permission for other user tables ? we could see drop any table to ggadmin that will work , but due to audit and security this not getting approval , Please suggest which option can be done to replicate the truncate operation for other user objects?

Or is there any option in GG , if truncate comes can call stored procedure and exec ?

Like create store procedure with truncate table statement ,

Grant execu permisison to ggadmin user

if any truncate operation then configure in replicat to call and perform the truncate ? any option to identify truncate operation and call sql exec in GG ?

Please guide

Thanks in Advance