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Remote DVR connection not working (it used to....)

User_74GAG Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

I have a Dahua DVR which I can edit via Smart PSS, port forwarding is working, I have my dyndns account set up - but for some reason I cannot access remotely anymore - I am on a fixed IP on my home network.

  1. Router port 200 is open
  2. Smart PSS, device name dvr, in DDNS menu I have: Server IP, domain name, username is my dyndns username, password is my dyndns password, update interval 50
  3. Idmss plus on my phone I have mode - IP/Domain, port 200, address is, device name is dvr, username/password are what I use in smart PSS to access the device.
  4. I Tried using my dyndns on phone but didn't work.