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Web Service Connector: 'checkpoint-id' in <get-checkpoint-response> ignored?

In my testing on 20D ( it seems the checkpoint-id attribute returned in the get-checkpoint-response is ignored and not included in the subsequent <set-checkpoint-request>. Request/response flow:

First, I get:

<m:get-checkpoint-request><m:request-context><m:parameter name="id" value="00ABCD"/></m:request-context></m:get-checkpoint-request>

Which I respond to with:

<get-checkpoint-response><checkpoint-data checkpoint-id="001234">UEs...</checkpoint-data></get-checkpoint-response>

Moving to the next screen, I get this (no checkpoint-id attribute) so I have to make another query to my backend to find it again (just as in get-checkpoint-request) so I can update it:

<m:set-checkpoint-request><m:request-context><m:parameter name="id" value="00ABCD"/></m:request-context><m:checkpoint-data>UEs...</m:checkpoint-data></m:set-checkpoint-request>

Then I respond with:

<set-checkpoint-response checkpoint-id="001234"></set-checkpoint-response>

And the checkpoint-id is then sent in subsequent <set-checkpoint-requests>, as expected:

<m:set-checkpoint-request><m:request-context><m:parameter name="id" value="00ABCD"/></m:request-context><m:checkpoint-data checkpoint-id="001234">UEs...</m:checkpoint-data></m:set-checkpoint-request>

Obviously there is a workaround (just query for the checkpoint using the request-context parameters) but it would be nice to save that additional query - and the documentation seems to indicate it should work as I expect:

"This data will only be tagged with a checkpoint-id if a previous set or get checkpoint response specified one."

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