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Get OPA (oracle policy automation) 12.x Session Data

Hi Experts,

I have tried OPA session Data in 10.4 v and am able to fetch session data as xml format using Determinations-Server project.

But I am not able to fetch OPA session data in OPA 12.x version. Please suggest me how to fetch OPA session data using Java API or any other workaround.

Thanks and Regards,

Peeru V



  • Andrew Higginbottom
    Andrew Higginbottom Member Posts: 4 Green Ribbon

    Hi Peeru

    What do you want to achieve functionally?

    1. Do you want to make a decision using an API? (You have the input data and want to send it to a API and get a result back.)
    2. Do you want to actually get the session data from an interview session? (This is data entered by a user that you want to get via an API.)
    3. Something else?

    There is probably an API that will suit your purpose but we'll need more detail to understand what to recommend.

    Regards, Andrew

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