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How do I start the java desktop system on solaris 10.11

rmunene Member Posts: 64 Blue Ribbon

Installed solaris 10 on oracle vm. After reboot, it defaults to the console. I want to be able to start the Java desktop system.

I have tried

dtconfig -e

dtlogin start &

None has worked



  • Oqelu
    Oqelu Member Posts: 69 Red Ribbon
    edited Aug 11, 2022 9:31PM
    Install package group/system/solaris-desktop
    It configures itself.
    It turns ON gdm, and Gnome windows manager couple of hundred MB.

    However, those are large. On Solaris 11.4 only running program of gnome-session occupies over 400MB. Entire collection of packages is even larger. It is difficult to reduce manually.

    Instead, you already may have x11/server/xorg, system/display-manager/xdm, and desktop/window-manager/twm
    You may mix twm 0.3MB with gdm 4MB.
    xdm is 10× slimmer 0.4MB.

    Display manager is not necessary.
    You way run sole windows manager with X server.

    Display manager only manages log in, security. You already have that on console. You may omit it, if not afraid that unauthorised user connects to your X server. I did not test whether X server rejects any but its own user, and whether it is necessary. Maybe X server separates users into sessions, and displays.