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How can a image in a value list be used to link to an external site

In OPA we have a value list with 2 images. And i need one of them to open up a external web site. but i cant see how to achieve this


  • Richard Napier
    Richard Napier Member Posts: 180 Silver Badge


    Could you please give a little more background? You say you have 2 images, and one opens an external website.

    1) What does the other image do?

    2) When the user selects image A or B, what kind of values are being selected (number, text, boolean etc)?

    3) The external website should open where - in a popup, a dialog or somewhere else?

    4) What is the purpose of the external website - viewing only, retrieving data, communicating with OPA or something else?

    Just trying to understand the flow


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