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Essbase report script

Hyp_Learn Member Posts: 327 Blue Ribbon

Hello Everyone,

Can you please advice how to spool data to a file from the report script. I am using the option "Execute in the background" so the output will be spool to a file. I tried giving spool on to "result.txt" but i am getting syntax error. Can you please help. Also i am unable to use "Output file" which runs in foreground as i get timeout and moreover this is a time consuming process so i wanted to run the report extract in the background.

I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks for your valuable time.


  • Srinivas Bobbala
    Srinivas Bobbala Member Posts: 856 Bronze Trophy

    I suggest to use MaxL to do that; Here is a sample command

    export database sample.basic input data
    to data_file 'exp_input.exp';
    export database sample.basic using report_file "'$ARBORPATH/App/Sample/Basic/asym.rep'" to data_file 'home/month2.rpt';

    Read this for additional details: