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Upgrade hardware and software from Oracle 11g Standard Edition RAC

Hi guys, i need your expertise.

I have a Oracle 11gR2 Standard Edition with RAC configuration: two servers 2 sockets, 8 cores for each cpu, 384 GB RAM, fibber, RedHat Linux 6.x, you know.

Now, my boss says me that we will buy new servers, so here we go.

I have planned a database upgrade from 11gR2 to 19c Standard Edition 2 with RAC one node (because standard edition 2 limitations) and i have a questions.

Are there new requirements? I mean

Two servers, 2 cpu x86-64 each server, 8 cores per cpu, redundant fibber adapter,

how many nics per server? four maybe?

Redhat 8 support

Thanks for your advices