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OIC - How to display the Summary page firstly when View or Edit an existing endpoint of an iflow?

User_FR8N7 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

I am now building my own custom adapter based on Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Gen2. And I am facing a problem that when I view or edit an endpoint of an integration, the wizard dialog will always display the Welcome page firstly.

But, when I do the same action with Oracle built-in adapter (REST, FTP), the wizard always displays the Summary page firstly. And I am expecting my custom adapter should have the same behavior. Therefore, I started analyzing the source code of the Oracle built-in FTP adapter. And I found that in the, there is a public property shown below, and it is seemly the toggle to display the Summary page firstly for the FTP adapter. However, I cannot found any calls to this property in the source code.

public boolean showSummaryPageFirstInEditMode() {
    return true;

So, I am wondering how it works to display the Summary page firstly?

Besides, I also overwrite this property in my UIBinding class in my custom adapter, but it does not work. It still displays the Welcome page.

Anyone who knows the answer and experiences this workflow, please give me your advice me. Thanks!