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How to apply cpu (wls) patches on 11.2.2?

Hello Experts

I would like to know the process to apply the web logic patches on EPM 11.2.2.


  • Ankur Shrivastava
    Ankur Shrivastava Member Posts: 19 Red Ribbon

    The process hasn't changed from the previous EPM release version.

    After you download the patch from Oracle, extract the patch files and copy them to cache_dir directory (MIDDLEWARE_HOME\utils\bsu\cache_dir). You may need to create the cache_dir directory in case it doesn't exist.

    Open command prompt and navigate to MIDDLEWARE_HOME\utils\bsu and run below command:

    bsu.cmd -install -patch_download_dir=MIDDLEWARE_HOME\utils\bsu\cache_dir -patchlist=patch_ID -prod_dir=MIDDLEWARE_HOME\wlserver_10.3

    patch_ID is the patch number that you would find in the extracted file which is of 4 letters including numbers as well.

    Hope this helps...!!!

  • Subbareddy P
    Subbareddy P Member Posts: 5 Green Ribbon

    Hi Anukr,

    For EPM 11.2.2 the bsu folder is no more I believe.

  • Ankur Shrivastava
    Ankur Shrivastava Member Posts: 19 Red Ribbon

    Oh yeah..!!! I misread the question. My bad.

    So, those things are gone and you need to use the opatch utility now to apply the weblogic patches. Just pass the -oh parameters you pass to the Opatch utility like for other EPM patches and there you go.

    /Oracle/Middleware is the combination of WebLogic and ADF/JDeveloper for Oracle 12c while OHS and EPM still get their own OPatch folders as before.