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OEM Fleet Maintenance vs RHP Fleet Maintenance

NS387362 Member Posts: 18 Blue Ribbon

I've started to look into fleet maintenance using the emcli verb db_software_maintenance. It has gone pretty well so far, as I've been able to patching a couple of systems. But now I want to provision a new system. A new server was built and I want to deploy my GI and DB gold image homes to it, and create a standardized database.

This doesn't seem to be possible with fleet maintenance in OEM? But I noticed there is also Rapid Home Provision (RHP) Fleet Maintenance. And it does seem capable of doing this.

Which one are we supposed to use? Is fleet maintenance via OEM deprecated for RHP? Is RHP cloud only? I haven't been able to find a clear distinct between the two. Just curious which one I should spend my time with?