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Error Code: 0b06daf0-1766-453b-82a5-ffc5530fe18e

user9125740 Member Posts: 10 Red Ribbon

Is it possible to have an error code just explain the error? Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this formula?

It is definetly causing a lag in running a consolidation on just one period, though it is rendering expected results.

Thanks in advance!



  • Jeo123
    Jeo123 Member Posts: 508 Gold Badge

    It's tough to figure this out based on the error alone without knowing your application, but my guess is that formula is flooding your database with a lot of records. You could try an extract calculated data to see why it's saying there are so many records in that sub cube as a starting point.

    At a quick glance though, it looks like you have a dimension called PRD in the right hand side of what I assume is an HS.EXP formula. That dimension isn't defined on the left hand side which means that it's going to populate a data point into every member of the PRD dimension. You could be getting warning's related to that, but I'm surprised it's an actual error.


  • user9125740
    user9125740 Member Posts: 10 Red Ribbon

    Hi Jeo123.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to look at my questions. I really appreciate all the feed back you have provided. I agree w/ your statement about the formula is flooding the database w/ a lot of records when launch the consolidation.

    This section of the formula (1.00 - E#[None].A#A_970000.PRD#[None].CC#[None].W#Periodic.BT#Ending.LOC#[None].I#[ICPNone]) is a constant and only has data at this intersection. The remaining account values have data at multiple intersections (multiple cost centers, products, etc) The results are expected at the multiple intersections of the solve account. Hope that makes sense. So I guess what I am saying is...

    I need the formula to hit on all the cost centers and products in part of the formula but only one cost center and product in another part of the formula . Then the results need to populate all the cost centers and products.

    Again, any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


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