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Enterprise Manager is compatible with Oracle Database Standar Edition?

User_NCIKD Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon
edited Mar 25, 2021 4:19PM in Enterprise Manager

I have Oracle Database Standar Edition 12c and i want install Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Release 4. My operative system y Linux Redhat 7.



  • Adityanath Dewoolkar
    Adityanath Dewoolkar Member Posts: 346 Bronze Badge

    The repository DB must be Enterprise Edition and target databases can be on EE or SE.

    Hope this answers your question.



  • User_OPCS8
    User_OPCS8 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

    As Adi said above -- there database has to be Enterprise Edition -- and there should be limited license for using that enterprise edition for the OMR -- the condition is the database only be used for OEM activities.

    For 13.4 -- the OMR can be: 12c R1 ( 12c R2 (, 18c, or 19c

    I would highly advise using a 19c OMR ....

    you also have the choice of Pluggable or standalone -- I would do a pluggable database (That is also included in the limited license )

    Hope this helps,