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defect.sunos.eft.undiag.fme - What error is this?

User_Y2Y3I Member Posts: 30 Red Ribbon


I have Solaris 10 running on HP hardware. I see an error in fmadm, but I can't repair it and not sure, it is for what failure.

I login to GUI netmgmt console and there also I don't see any hardware fault/failure. Can somebody suggest, it complains about what failure and how to clear it ?


# fmadm faulty
--------------- ------------------------------------  -------------- ---------
TIME            EVENT-ID                              MSG-ID         SEVERITY
--------------- ------------------------------------  -------------- ---------
Mar 25 16:18:30 2ee8326c-5d6f-cee4-deed-f924ad8bfebb  SUNOS-8000-FU  Major

Host        : drui-arl-zonemgr1
Platform    : ProLiant-DL360-G7 Chassis_id  : USE209X14J
Product_sn  :

Fault class : defect.sunos.eft.undiag.fme
FRU         : None

Description : The diagnosis engine encountered telemetry for which it was
              unable to perform a diagnosis.  Refer to
     for more information.

Response    : Error reports have been logged for examination by Sun.

Impact      : Automated diagnosis and response for these events will not occur.

Action      : Ensure that the latest Solaris Kernel and Predictive Self-Healing
              (PSH) patches are installed.

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