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OCE not able to apply 'Trigger and Actions' on OIA Component

Hi Team,

We are building a Use case/site with the help of Oracle Content & Experience (OCE), and we are using an OIA component in that website. We could successfully apply the feature of OCE 'Trigger and Action' on various other Images and Videos (both local and Youtube videos) to show/hide, but when we apply it on OIA component, it fails.

While implementing the 'Trigger and Action' on OIA component, in the site builder the component loaded successfully but, while previewing  OIA component is not getting loaded.

We inspected that, it is showing "opainterview: inlineOPA: Div not found" error. Please refer to the attached snapshot.

For this, we are referring link: but we are unable to implement it on our site.

Can anyone please help us with this? Or else, if there is any different approach, please suggest.



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