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How to upgrade Oracle Restart to 19c?

User_CAOPZ Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon

Hi to all,

We need to upgrade Oracle Restart instalation (GI + DB) OL6 to version 19c.

Since no direct upgrade from version to version 19c is possible, we considered the option of upgrading to version and then to version 19c.

Тhe upgrade to 12.2 was successful but we had a problem with the operating system upgrade, from version OL6 to version OL7. According to Oracle, in-place upgrade of Oracle Linux from one major release e.g. OL6 to OL[7,8] is neither supported nor recommended. They recommend, notwithstanding limited support for OL6 to OL7 in-place upgrade, fresh installation of the higher release remains the recommended upgrade path. 

If we need to go with the installation of a new db server with OL8 and Oracle 19c, which is in your opinion the fastest and easiest procedure for migrating the existing ie. database to the new server? Because the database size is around 9TB, database migration with DATA PUMP expdp / impdp I think it will take a lot of time. Is there an easier way to do the migration at data file level? Is it possible with RMAN backup/restrore, RMAN duplicate or with transportable tablespace?

Thanks in advance.


  • User_H7NKL
    User_H7NKL Member Posts: 2 Red Ribbon


    I used Dataguard when migrating from commodity boxes to Exadata, once the 19c installation is done and 12.1.01 home is installed, you can build standby database and perform switchover. once switchover is done, upgrade database to and eventually to 19.8. I took 3 maintenance windows to accomplish task and DB size is 6 TB, 30 min for Switchover & 3 hours for DB upgrade (twice).