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Weblogic 11g gridlink datasource connectivity

SM_Middleware Member Posts: 4 Red Ribbon


We are running SOA on top of weblogic 10.3.6.

We have multiple datasource connectivity to surrounding system. 

Once of the surrounding system is moving to DR Environment during weekend hence we need to update datasource connectivity to there DR Database. 

Issue is DR database is single instance however we have created Gridlink datasource in SOA as there production database is RAC. 

We need to know below. 

1) Can we update Grid link datasource to point to single instance DB during DR and revert to Original entry after DR. Below is the single URL which we will be updating. 


2) Can this be done online without restart of SOA Managed Servers. 

3) If we just untarget the datasource , update datasource URL to point to DR DB and target again will this work. 

I tried above in UAT and it worked. 

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