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how to generate graphQL structure in oracle soa 12 i am using jdveloper

siva naga prasad
siva naga prasad Member Posts: 20 Red Ribbon

Hi Floks,

Once of my customer what the data in the format of GraphQL . Customer API need the GraphQL data to recive their API. In oracle soa suite, we know that we can transfer the data in the format of XML and JSON format , I have tried to create the xsd for this once in the online and REST adapter am getting the error "Schema generation Failed" . We have data in below

mutation {



      loadId: "16228",

      ecrd: "2021-05-31T13:01:09+00:00"

     }) {



     errors {





If any one worked in this requirement suggest me. We want send the GraphQL data to the customer API , Customer api accept the format only in GaraphQL structure.