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Problem adding hosts to OLVM ( Self-Hosted Engine

I have a SR in for this, but thought I would ask here as well, just in case someone has seen this before.

We are deploying a new OLVM environment for one of our Data Centers. Right now, this whole environment is just past the install - the Self-Hosted engine has been deployed.

But now I'm getting constant spam of this error in the events:

"VDSM command Get Host Capabilities failed: Internal JSON-RPC error: {'reason': 'internal error: Duplicate key'}"

And when I try to add a host, I get this error:

Host installation failed. Command returned failure code 1 during SSH session '[email protected]'.

I haven't done a lot at this point, other than add public SSH keys in authorized_keys to see if that was any help. The problem existed prior to that. I did find one article that mentioned allowing root login in /etc/ssh/sshd_config - so I tried that to no avail and set it back to default (yes, did restart sshd).

I've found a few somewhat similar issues out there for RedHat's product and oVirt, a couple claiming the version of libvirtd was a problem and updating it fixed the issue - but we have another Self-Hosted engine managing a couple clusters on the same versions and it seems to be fine. Also - libvirtd seems to be the highest version out there on the official OEL7 repos. I did find a suggestion to try to use the EPEL repos, but that's not really an answer to this, as we need to keep this OLVM landscape on the same versions across our company.

I highly suspect the 'Duplicate Key' is related - on our other Self-Hosted engine, I don't see that error at all.

Any suggestions would be appreciated :)


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