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Unable to connect to WebLogic JMS Server after upgrade to 12C using C# JMS Client

User_OSDOJ Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

Any assistance with below error is appreciated. I got this error after upgrading our current JMS Server from (WebLogic to WebLogic

I updated the WebLogic.Messaging.dll of the client(C# app) from 1.1.0 to 1. 3.4, however error still persist.

Message=Problem creating context 

 --> WebLogic.Messaging.Transport.TransportException: Failed to connect using URL <t3://hostname:port>

  at WebLogic.Messaging.Physical.T3TransportFactory.CreateT3Transport(IDictionary`2 paramMap) in h:\weblogic\dev\src1213\modules\weblogic-jms-dotnetclient\jmsimpl\src\WebLogic\Messaging\Physical\T3TransportFactory.cs:line 227

  at WebLogic.Messaging.Physical.ContextPhysical.CreateContext(IDictionary`2 paramMap) in h:\weblogic\dev\src1213\modules\weblogic-jms-dotnetclient\jmsimpl\src\WebLogic\Messaging\Physical\ContextPhysical.cs:line 83

  at WebLogic.Messaging.Context.CreateContext(IDictionary`2 paramMap) in h:\weblogic\dev\src1213\modules\weblogic-jms-dotnetclient\jmsimpl\src\WebLogic\Messaging\Context.cs:line 56



  at WebLogic.Messaging.ContextFactory.CreateContext(IDictionary`2 paramMap)