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does anyone run OEM on Windows? if so how good/bad ?

User_OVMJC Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

So I'm looking at building a new OEM install for use - it will give the safest migration path.

One suggestion is to look at the windows options for the OEM server.

Who does this - why/why not ?

Thanks in advance


  • Magnanimous
    Magnanimous Member Posts: 301 Blue Ribbon

    Good Question -

    Yes, you can install OEM on windows. But as per my experience i would suggest use Linux system for OEM.

    I never use windows for OEM till now, as i have been working in oem from version 11.

    Prashant Umap

  • EricvdS
    EricvdS Member Posts: 960 Bronze Trophy


    I worked with OEM on Windows and on linux. In my experience it works fine on both of them. I think more people work with OEM on Linux and patches/new versions tend to be sooner released on Linux.

    If your shop is mainly using Windows servers, go for Windows. If you shop mainly uses Linux servers, ... you get the picture.


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