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add second replicat golden gate

Robeen Member Posts: 2,114 Silver Badge

Oracle DB

RAC 2 nodes

Solaris 6

Hello Team,

I would like to add a second replicat process to my golden gate enviroment. We initially configured goldengate using commands below. Note that replication is downstream.

dblogin useridalias oggscb_dwh

miningdblogin useridalias oraggext 

add extract extdwh integrated tranlog begin now

ADD EXTTRAIL /ogg/ora12c/dirdat/aa, EXTRACT EXTDWH

add extract pxdwn exttrailsource /ogg/ora12c/dirdat/aa

ADD RMTTRAIL /ogg/ora12c/dirdat/cd, EXTRACT PXDWN

register extract EXTDWH database

add replicat REPLOGGT integrated exttrail /ogg/ora12c/dirdat/cd 

We are currently experiencing lots of wait dependencies. I also noticed the memory is depleting very fast on the first node where GG is running.

Replicat is consuming almost all SGA

Kindly advise if I add a second replicat with RANGE function this will solve the issue.

Kindly guide me through the steps.



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