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Steps to recover unknown tables from a know schema in 19C ASM DB with RMAN tape backup only

User_WWXJJ Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

Hi there,

Our developer deleted by mistake during application upgrade some tables. We don`t know which tables(no audit) so we can not used the rman table recovery option.

My idea is to recover data like below:

a. create a new instance from the production db spfile, add listener and tnsnames entries

b. recover and restore database from tape from an older backup

c. Make a diff using dba_objects on prod and new restored data

d. export data from the new database

e. import only tables results at diff or import using the table_exists_action=skip option

Please let me know if this approach is good and how to proceed exactly on step b. as I have a full backup from weekend and I need to restore and recover until the last backup before tables deletion.

Also, for step e, please let me know what option should be the best practice.