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Maven isnt deploying composites to correct SOA FOLDER, going to default SOA folder.

Hari Selva
Hari Selva Member Posts: 282 Blue Ribbon

Maven isnt deploying composites to the correct SOA FOLDER, going to "default" SOA folder. eventhough I mentioned the partition name in the pom.xml file. please advise.

This is my pom.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<project xsi:schemaLocation="" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">








      This POM was generated from the SOA Maven Archetype.

      Comments in this POM guide you how to use it with your project.

      This POM relates to this SOA Composite, i.e. the one in this same directory.

      There is another POM in the SOA Application directory (up one) which handles 

      the whold SOA Application, which may contain additional projects.

      The parent points to the common SOA parent POM. That is a special POM that is 

      shipped by Oracle as a point of customization (only). You can add default values

      for properties like serverUrl, etc. to the SOA common parent POM, so that you

      do not have to specify them over and over in every project POM. 










    <!-- these parameters are used by the compile goal -->







    <!-- if you are using a config plan, uncomment the following line and update to point 

       to your config plan -->


    <!-- these parameters are used by the deploy and undeploy goals -->











    <!-- these parameters are used by the test goal -->

    <!-- if you are using the sca-test (test) goal, you need to uncomment the following

       line and point it to your file. -->



    <!-- input is the name of the composite to run test suties against -->





      These refer to the properties defined above. You should probably not need to make 

      any changes beflow this point - these just point to the properties above.













          <!-- note: compositeRevision is needed to package, revision is needed to undeploy -->




          <!-- Uncomment the appHome property if your composite 

             depends on MDS. -->


          <!-- If you have a composite which contains a component that 

             depends on MDS (eg. Human Task, Business Rule) AND you 

             want to use a file-based MDS repository, then you 

             need to do either:

             1. update the .adf/META-INF/adf-config.xml to point to

               the correct location of the file based repository, i.e.

               remove the reference to ${} in that file, or

             2. define oracleHome and soaOracleHome here and leave the adf-config.xml file

               as is. Note that the correct value for soaOracleHome is the path to 

               your SOA Quickstart or JDeveloper install directory, 

               with "/soa" appended to it.






        <!-- extensions=true is needed to use the custom sar packaging type -->