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While trying to search WCC with a content ID , the search fails

User_4YWPT Member Posts: 20 Green Ribbon

It gives me an error -

Unable to retrieve search results.Error encountered while processing.

Unable to return results.Encountered and exception while executing a query.

I had updated this config value for search i.e IdcServerThreadQueryTimeout=120 .

after this when i try to search again -

It gave me error -

Content Server Request Failed

Error Unable to retrieve search results. Error occurred while processing. Unable to return results. Unable to create the result set for query 'SELECT Revisions.dID, dDocTitle, dDocType, dRevisionID, dSecurityGroup, dDocAuthor, dDocAccount, dRevLabel, dFormat, dOriginalName, dExtension, dWebExtension, dInDate, dOutDate, dCreateDate, dPublishType, dRendition1, dRendition2, dFileSize AS VaultFileSize, DocMeta.*, RevClasses.*

FROM Revisions, DocMeta, Documents, RevClasses

WHERE Revisions.dID=DocMeta.dID And Revisions.dID=Documents.dID And Revisions.dDocName = RevClasses.dDocName And dIsPrimary = 1 And dReleaseState IN ('Y', 'U', 'I') AND ((Revisions.dDocName LIKE 'IDC_PN356512259%')) ORDER BY dInDate Desc'. ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation

could anyone help ?