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TDE Database Restore Failure

Platform: AIX 7.1

Oracle version: 18c

Source database: TDB database with Auto Login wallet

Both cwallet.sso and ewallet.p12 files are copied over to target server prior to the restore.

During restore, it is confirmed that wallet is open on target server with Auto Login.



STATUS             WALLET_TYPE                    

------------------------------ --------------------               


OPEN              AUTOLOGIN 

Steps taken to restore:

  1. Enable TDE and configure Auto Login wallet
  2. Take incremental backup
  3. Take archivelog backup
  4. copy wallet files to target server
  5. Restore TDE database on target server

Restore fails when executing command "alter database open resetlogs;". Error is below.

ORA-28420: cannot open resetlogs from a restore point prior to wallet creation 

ORA-01110: data file 1: '/<OS_path>/system01.dbf'

If I manually re-create the controlfile, the error goes away and restore is successful.

ORA-28420 error seems misleading here as the backup is taken after wallet creation. What happened here?

Appreciate any pointers.